Queenie Padilla quits showbiz, embraces Islam

Queenie Padilla quits showbiz, embraces Islam telling her story:

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Queenie Padilla has quit show business for her Muslim religion.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Padilla said she finds inner peace and direction in life in Islam.

“Islam is a way of life. When you start to [become a] Muslim, you know [what] your life purpose really is. I am such a sinful person, but Allah invited me to his house. I am so close to him,” she said.

Padilla recently performed the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Makkah in Saudi Arabia. She said she has become a totally different person because of Islam.

“When I was in showbiz, I was very unhappy. I was lost and I always felt I never belong. But now that Allah is in my life, Alhamdullilah, La illa illalah, I am so happy and content in my life,” she said.

As she enjoys her new life, Padilla said she will not go back to show business.

“Haram kasi sa isang babae ang maging artista kasi lahat ng aura pinapakita mo. Kasi ang babaeng Muslim ay napaka-modest. At ang babae sa Islam ay parang jewel… Actually I already quit [showbiz] like 8 months [ago], since my last appearance on TV,” she said.

Padilla thanked her father, action star Robin Padilla, who introduced her to Islam.

“I just want to thank my father for giving me the opportunity to perform Hajj. And I love him so much because without my father, I might not have been a Muslim,” she said.

Even Padilla’s relatives and friends in Saudi Arabia were inspired by her new image.

As she returns to the country, Padilla said she will carry with her the experiences she had while doing Hajj, adding that she will share these to her fellow Filipinos. – Report from Charles Tabbu, ABS-CBN News

Source: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/11/21/11/queenie-padilla-quits-showbiz-embraces-islam

Has ‘one species’ idea been put to bed?

BBC Article: Viewpoint: Has ‘one species’ idea been put to bed?

But now we know that Neanderthals and our ancestors exchanged genes so, using the biological species definition, they must have been the same species.

And it seems they were not the only ones to exchange genes with our ancestors. The enigmatic Denisovans (still awaiting scientific nomenclature) also exchanged genes with some of our ancestors.

While all this has been happening, more and more papers are being published that are breaking down the differences between Neanderthals and our ancestors.

It is recognition that the human evolution story, and the Neanderthals, are very much part of our global heritage.