Pornography and Islam

Yassir Fazaga, based on his experience as a therapist, describes how addictive and damaging pornography is to a person and its adverse effects on the society.

  • The first time children get exposed to porn is generally at the age of 11.
  • A person who is addicted to porn finds it very difficult to have a satisfying relationship with his/her spouse.
  • The person watching porn gradually becomes desensitized to it. The content creator always has to come up with more creative and extreme ideas, often bordering whats legal.
  • Porn is extremely degrading to women and an extreme perversion.
  • Some of the content we watch on television is almost soft porn.

Animal Rights in Islam by Ahsan Hanif

Jumuah Khutbah (Friday Sermon) delivered on the 1st of October 2010 by Ahsan Hanif at Green Lane Masjid, Birmingham UK, on the topic of the rights of animals in Islam (submission to God alone in peace) and the mercy of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) towards them.

Shaykh Ahsan Hanif hails from Birmingham, UK where he was born and raised. At the tender age of 13, he had already achieved one of his greatest milestones: committing the entire Qur’aan to memory. It was not surprising to learn that in the year 2000, he gained a scholarship to enter the Islamic University of Madinah. After completing his Arabic diploma, he graduated from the Faculty of Shari’ah in 2006 with honours. During his time in Madinah, he was fortunate enough to gain ijazah in the Qur’an as well as study under a number of well known scholars, such as Sh. Abdul Muhsin al-Abbad, Sh. Muhammad ibn Muhammad Mukhtar al-Shinqiti, Sh. Sulayman al-Ruhayli and many more.

He is currently one of the Imams and Khateebs of Green Lane Masjid and is also pursuing his PhD at the University of Birmingham.

WHO Study: Alcohol kills more than AIDS, TB or violence

According to the study, alcohol is to blame for 4% of the worldwide deaths annually. Apart from health problems, alcohol is also a major factor in death due to injuries and violence.

According to Medical News Today, Alcohol is international killer number one.

Geo News (Pakistan TV News Channel) also reported on this study: Alcohol kills more than AIDS, TB or violence

Link to World Health Organization study:

Other WHO studies on management of substance abuse are available at