Deen Show: The Christian Preachers son accepts ISLAM

This is the story of a Dr.Jerimiah who’s both parents were Christian preachers and how he came to know Islam as being the truth from God. As a Christian Dr. Jerimiah grew up in the Church and him and his family would go to the church almost ever day. He fasted, prayed and would try and memorize parts of the Bible and also observed the Sabbath as well. They stuck to the Bible literally in everything they did until he finally found Islam.

Rap Music Industry Exposed

A look into the real music industry with former Death Row Records rapper Napoleon. He is talking about the life of Tupac, Snoop Dog, Biggie Smalls, Dr. Dre and all the other rappers that were a part of this fast life that people want to live. Nopoleon like many in the industry had everything people dream of having but he still didn’t have peace in life and depression was to follow. Tune into this show to learn the truth about the music industry and why it’s a dead end in life and a path that you don’t want to take.